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Italian Long Sword with scabbard

Item no.:  CST-88ITS EAN: 705442008682
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Italian Long Sword with scabbard, sharp The era of the long sword spanned almost three... more
Product information "Italian Long Sword with scabbard"
Italian Long Sword with scabbard, sharp

The era of the long sword spanned almost three centuries (approx. from 1350 to 1650). This, undoubtedly, was because it really worked! This sword featured a distinctive cruciform hilt, a long double-edged blade and was equally adept at opposing lightly and heavily armored foes. Its extra-long blade offered the necessary reach and leverage for powerful stabbing and cutting strokes while its long cross guard and heavy pommel were useful for hooking and striking. When heavy plate armor was encountered, blows with the edge were marginally effective and were often abandoned in favor of a half-swording technique, where one hand grips the hilt and the other the blade in order to direct the point better and to thrust at the small gaps and joints of the suit of armor more accurately.

Cold Steel®'s reconstruction is modeled on the Italian concept of sword design. The blade and balance slightly favor thrusting attacks, however, the cutting edges are also astonishingly effective. Additionally, the simple cruciform hilt is also all business, with its long downturned cross guard, leather-over-wood grip and counterbalancing fish-tail pommel.

This Italian long sword comes with a leather-covered wooden scabbard with steel fittings.

- Material: 1060 high carbon steel blade, leather-covered wooden handle
- Overall length: approx. 119.4 cm
- Handle length: approx. 29.2 cm
- Blade length: approx. 90.2 cm
- Weight: approx. 1273 g
- Including leather-covered wooden scabbard with steel fittings
- Cold Steel® Product No.: 88ITS

In addition to the Italian long sword, a matching companion dagger can also be purchased (Product No. CST-88ITD). As the sword is well balanced and light enough to be wielded with one hand, Cold Steel® offers a companion dagger to take the place of a shield, targe, or buckler: Scaled down in size but almost identical in appearance, its sharply tapered, double-edged blade slightly favors attacks with the point over the edge and is stiff and strong enough to parry any sword.

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Customer reviews for "Italian Long Sword with scabbard"
14 Jun 2024

Fantastic Acquisition

This sword meets all my expectations. My friends can't stop admiring it! It's well-crafted and perfectly balanced. I haven't sharpened it yet, but it seems it could reach a razor-sharp edge. You'll absolutely enjoy it!

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