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Lynn C. Thompson

Lynn C. Thompson: A Life Story of Adventure and Success

Born on 31 January 1951, Lynn C. Thompson is a remarkable entrepreneur and passionate adventurer who has achieved international fame as the founder and CEO of Cold Steel Inc. His extraordinary life journey has been shaped by a deep passion for martial arts, weapons and practical self-defence.

Thompson grew up in California, USA, and developed a fascination for martial arts at an early age. He began training intensively as a teenager, learning various martial arts such as judo, kendo and kickboxing. His determination and dedication earned him numerous awards and successes in local and national competitions.

After graduating from California State University, Northridge, Thompson decided to turn his passion for martial arts and weapons into a career. In 1980, he founded Cold Steel Inc, a company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of high quality knives, swords and other combat and survival equipment.

Thompson's vision was to develop products that would meet the highest demands of professionals and enthusiasts. With a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, he revolutionised the industry. The blades produced by Cold Steel were known for their exceptional quality, durability and performance - features that were appreciated by customers worldwide.

Thompson's entrepreneurial spirit knew no bounds. With his charismatic personality and keen sense of marketing, he managed to make Cold Steel an international success. He used innovative advertising strategies, including spectacular product tests and controversial marketing campaigns, to publicise the company and increase sales. Cold Steel became synonymous with first-class weapons and tools that were appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts as well as professional military and law enforcement organisations.

Thompson himself was no office boy. He loved to test his products in the field and spend countless hours in the training room. His experiences as an avid practitioner of various martial arts fed directly into product development. Thompson regularly sought personal contact with customers and exchanged ideas with them in order to better understand their needs and wishes. This customer orientation contributed significantly to Cold Steel's success.

Despite his business, Thompson never neglected his passion for adventure. He travelled the world, explored remote areas and learned from the best martial arts masters.These experiences inspired him to new ideas and helped him to further deepen his knowledge of martial arts and weapons.Over the years, Thompson continuously expanded his product range.In addition to knives and swords, Cold Steel also launched axes, spears, firearms and many other innovative products.Thompson's quest to combine the best of the past with cutting-edge technology resulted in unique and fascinating pieces of equipment.

Lynn C. Thompson is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a role model for people who want to turn their passion into a profession. His unwavering belief in quality and his persistence in turning his visions into reality have made Cold Steel a world-renowned brand.Thompson's secret to success lies in his unwavering dedication and insatiable thirst for knowledge and adventure.

Today, Thompson continues to lead the company with the same passion as on day one.

He is committed to ensuring that Cold Steel continues to offer its customers first-class products and unsurpassed quality. His message is clear: "Don't be afraid to follow your passion and dream big. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve great things."

Lynn C. Thompson - A man who makes history and delivers history!

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