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Tatanka vs Voyager
Weight Hang Test

Spyderco has unveiled their new folder, the Tatanka, featuring a new "Power Lock" that is quoted as "hands down the strongest locking mechanism" that they have ever produced ...

The Tatanka has been lauded by Spyderco fans online as a rival to the Tri-Ad lock, and as a knife that will "easily take on the Cold Steel Voyager XLs".

Lynn C. Thompson and the Cold Steel R&D team thought it would be a fun challenge to put Spyderco's $319.95 Tatanka against Cold Steel's $94.99 2014 XL Voyager.

Tatanka vs Voyager – Lock Strength Test
The XL Voyager is less than a third of the price, and approx 21% lighter than the Spyderco knife. So, how will it fare against the new Tatanka?

Click play to find out!

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