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Product No.: CST-90WHA
War Hammer

At the end of the 13th century, the sword ruled supreme as the primary weapon of Knights and Men-At-Arms. However, with the introduction of steel plate armor, the popularity of the sword as a battlefield weapon began to wane, as it couldn't cut or crush steel plate. Enter the War Hammer...

The War Hammer was perhaps the ideal weapon for use against an opponent encased in plate steel. The heavy hammer head could crush the strongest helmet or suit of plate with just a few blows, and the back spike could rip through that armor like a modern can opener! In battle, the hammer side was usually employed first to knock down and stun an enemy. Once he was on the ground, helpless, the hammer was reversed and the back spike was used to punch a hole through the helmet and deliver the coup de grāce.

Already proven to be popular with Historical European Martial Artists and re-enactors alike, Cold Steel®'s modern interpretation of the War Hammer is highly maneuverable and can be easily wielded with one or both hands. The head is drop forged out of 1055 high carbon steel and differentially heat-treated: The point of the spike and hammer face are fully hardened so they can pierce and crush tough materials, while the rest of the hammer is forged to be softer to absorb the shock of heavy blows. The handle is 30 in. (approx. 76 cm) of straight grain American hickory topped with a pair of sturdy steel langettes.

- Hammer/Spike material: drop forged 1055 high carbon steel
- Handle material: straight-grain hickory with steel langettes
- Overall length: approx. 76.2 cm
- Head width: approx. 18.7 cm
- Hammer face: approx. 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm
- Weight: approx. 1000 g
- Cold Steel® Product No.: 90WHA

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